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What is a blog content calendar?

A content calendar is a tool that helps you plan and organize your content marketing efforts. For 体育外围app specifically, a content calendar includes target keywords and topics for the blog posts and landing pages that you want your content marketing team to produce.

blog content calendar

What is the purpose of a content plan or content calendar?

By creating a blog content calendar, you can develop a strong seo content strategy and set goals to aim for. Through blog content, you can create pieces of content that target the many different ways that potential customers 体育外围app for products and services like yours.

Creating new content on a regular basis is the foundation of any content marketing strategy. A content planner can help you avoid writer’s block and get the best ideas for your marketing calendar. Never run out of blog topics or content ideas  with our content planning tool.

How to Make a Content Marketing Calendar

Making a blog content calendar in the tool is simple. Just follow these 5 steps.

  • 1.

    Enter a keyword or topic into the text field

  • 2.

    Choose from the hundreds of keyword and topic clusters the software generates

  • 3.

    Use the AI content generator to get a selection of blog titles and opening paragraphs to pair with each keyword cluster

  • 4.

    Send your article to the content queue for outlining or drafting

  • 5.

    Schedule due dates, assign out to content writers, or start writing your blog post.

Content Marketing Calendar

Why you need a blog content planner

体育外围app Content planning involves 4 essential steps.

Keyword re体育外围app, topic ideation, competitor re体育外围app, and drafting blogs or assigning them out to writers.

These four steps can be very time and resource intensive. A single blog may take a writer a day or up to a week to re体育外围app and create, but our blog content planner eliminates the pain points of content strategy planning and cuts the process to a fraction of the time. The content planner tool from SearchAtlas automates each part of the content planning process, so you can generate more content assets and establish better content workflows.

Use the tool to:

Find the right keywords
No more filtering through thousands of keywords. The software helps you find keyword clusters with the right 体育外围app volume and keyword difficulty for your website.
Generate hundreds of blog post ideas
Search engines love to rank informative, high quality blog posts. Save time coming up with ideas with our AI blog topic feature in the planner tool.
Build out pillar pages and topic clusters
The tool is a great way to deploy a topic cluster strategy for your website. Identify all of the subtopics to include in your topic cluster to build topical authority in organic 体育外围app.
Create a marketing calendar and assign content to team members
Do all of your content strategy, planning, re体育外围app, and editing in the same platform. We make content creation simpler than ever.

Who needs a content strategy planner?

There are a variety of digital marketing professionals who might benefit from a content marketing calendar tool. Copywriters, 体育外围app project managers, content managers, content writers, and content strategists can all benefit from a content planner.

Our planning tool can help you develop 6 months of 体育外围app strategy just from a single keyword input. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency that does content production at scale, a small business owner trying to create weekly content, or a freelancer creating relevant content for a variety of industries, you’ll benefit from the amazing features and user experience of the SearchAtlas content planner.

content strategy planner
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Scale up your Content Marketing and reach your target market in organic 体育外围app with an 体育外围app content planner.

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